We offer fast and high-quality translation of

  • Documents necessary for immigration or naturalization processes or for work abroad, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, residence permits, degrees, qualifications,  and resumes;
  • Legal texts used in civil and criminal law procedures, such as orders, decisions, acts, and police reports;
  • Business law-related texts, such as business contracts in two-column arrangements and company records,
  • Other business-related texts, such as presentations, business e-mails, and reports;
  • Academic texts, such as abstracts, seminar papers, summaries, and theses;
  • and general texts from and into Hungarian, English, Italian, and Spanish.

Types of translation:

Machine-based translation: the machine-based translation of e.g. long citations of separate words or terms that the translator revises.

Business relay: the translation of business letters, emails, and faxes with a speedy turnover rate.

Proofread translation: if the specific language usage or the theme of the text requires it, we offer proofread translations. This means that a native speaker of the target language or a professional expert of the theme revises the translation.

Trans-creation: this is more than just translation. We offer trans-creation services for those who would like to produce a text in the target language on the basis of the source language text but also meeting any special market or cultural specifications of the target language.

What kind of a translation do I need?
If you do not know what kind of a translation you need, contact us. We offer translation and interpreting consultation free of charge.

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