We offer distant and on-the-premises interpreting at relatively short notice. All our interpreters are highly qualified, experienced, and devoted professionals.

  • We offer traditional, on-the-premises interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, and chuchotage) in English, Italian, Spanish, and Hungarian at conferences, protocol events, and interviews.
  • We also offer interpreting before authorities or public notaries in proceedings necessary for immigration, such as obtaining visas, residence permits, and identification documents, or any other legal proceedings. Our legal expert offers free of charge counseling regarding what types of documents need to be officially translated to obtain visas, residence permits, or identification documents at Hungarian authorities.
  • In addition to traditional interpreting services, we also provide distance interpreting, in particular for those who need maximum one hour of interpreting service at short notice, such as distance interpreting at preliminary business meetings, at discussions, in the course of enquiring, making complaints in business or private matters, when sorting out every day or bureaucratic matters, or in the course of travelling. Distance interpreting can be realized by means of mobile phones, skype, or other info-communications devices. Distance interpreting can be provided flexibly. It does not require long hours of organization or any complementary costs, such as travel expenses.
  • We also provide language services aimed at preparing you for events, such as business meetings, presentations, or telephone interviews.
  • In addition, we offer voice-over services for academic syllabuses or any kind of texts.

Our interpreters are highly-qualified professionals with a profound knowledge of the target language culture offering high-quality and fast services at reasonable prices.

No project managers are applied so our clients can directly contact our interpreters and communicate their needs without waste of time and the unnecessary distortion of non-professional administration. Thanks to this workflow, our interpreters can meet your personal language intermediary needs by offering their professional and linguistic competence.

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